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Payphone is the world's first attention marketplace that includes a directory of interconnected user profiles and an AI-enabled search engine
Payphone is the world's first attention marketplace that includes non-fungible digital products and experiences developed by top behavioral scientists
Payphone is the world's first attention marketplace that includes a paid messaging platform (text, pictures, audio, video and forms)


The world's first messenger for the attention economy.

Direct communication on your terms.
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Payphone = Tools + Products + Community

Payphone combines Advanced Technology, Behavioral Science and the Power Of The Crowd to redistribute attention.
Say goodbye to spam, information pollution, intermediaries.
Save Time and Generate Income by trading your attention on your own individual terms.
Payphone reinvents the way businesses communicate with the world, turning cost centers into revenue streams.



Recent democratization of access to communication technology and decentralized payment systems created perfect conditions to redistribute attention-based products and services in an efficient manner, and, effectively, to reconnect people.

Payphone allows its users to trade attention as if it were a commodity. Our supply-side participants set individual rates for the incoming text, voice and video communication, thus making themselves available to our demand-side users, who benefit from being able to contact anyone directly without having to involve intermediaries.

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Our mission is to create a global ecosystem of direct access to people, products and services.

We will blend latest technology with dynamic pricing tools, curated content approach and behavioral science to create a world of sustainable individuality and equal opportunity.

Our individual and corporate users will have the tools, products and a community to create and trade non-fungible attention-based experiences and access without borders, barriers or prejudice.

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Our concept

Whether you want to contact someone, purchase a custom experience or invest in attention-based experiences or access – Payphone will empower you to do that in a few clicks.

We welcome collaboration and uncommon partnerships. We invite everyone from visionaries to multinational corporations to be a part of our journey.

Instead of speculating about attention economy, let's build it from scratch!

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Our mission

Human attention is a scarce commodity and it is almost certain that we will not witness an abundance of it over the next 30 years. As businesses continue to design their solutions around what they believe to be a scarcity of information, the societal costs of the information pollution are likely to skyrocket.

The world urgently needs a new mindset and toolset to overcome the effects of the attention fallacy. We deeply believe that exponential technologies, behavioral science and Singularity University's global community expertise provide us with all the necessary ingredients to tackle this challenge and open up the opportunities of the attention economy to everyone.

Our mission is to encourage direct dialogue by enabling efficient and effective communication. That is why we have created Payphone!

Our team

Ron Fridman


CTO and Co-Founder

Mark Kvitko


Team lead


UI/UX designer


QA Egineer

Alexander Zinchenko


Front-end developer

Olexii Muraviov


Android developer

Yuriy Lozenko


iOS developer



No, it isn't. We are extremely proud of our UI/UX team and advisors, who managed to pull off an incredible feat. Whether you're calling, buying or even creating a new product, you'll be able to do it in 2-5 clicks tops.
We are focusing on attracting our supply-side users. At present we have interest and commitments from talent agencies, live entertainment companies, hospitality corporations, airlines, education providers, insurance companies and plenty more.
Yes, we are. We are working on creating a simple and native UI/UX to empower everyone, especially our extremely sought-after supply-side users to donate their excess capacity for a good cause.
Technology is easy, psychology is hard. Our competitive edge lies in behavioral science, business development and UI/UX. We are building for abundance, rather than scarcity. Our goal is to be flexible in a world of dynamic stability. You should really check out what Peter Diamandis, Astro Teller, Salim Ismail, Dan Ariely and other prominent visionaries have to say.
Glad you've asked! We are in the process of recording educational video content on behavioral science, technology and economics behind Payphone.